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El proyecto IOANNA participa en la Jornada Euskal Hiria 2020 de la mano de ESKILARA

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Iñaki Bartolomé, CEO de Ideable, presenta el proyecto IOANNA junto con otros proyectos AAL en Cadena Ser

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IOANNA’S Kick-off Meeting

IOANNA’s project kick-off meeting took place in Nicosia on the 23rd and 24th of April 2018.

With the aim of giving the go-ahead to the project, the kick-off meeting allowed the different partners a first contact mainly focusing on the organization of the different activities planned for the next six months period.

Next project meeting has already been planned for September and it will take place in Bucharest, Romania.

An event on cognitive impairment co-organised by Materia Group

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2nd Consortium Meeting in Bucharest

Last September took place the second project meeting in Bucharest. Between the 12th and 13th September partners had the opportunity to meet again and discuss about the progress made in the first 6 months of the project. In this occasion, progresses performed by all partners were discussed and a first prototype was presented by Ideable Solutions.