IDEABLE and ESKILARA, partners of the IOANNA project, organized on February 20 the conference “Innovative Technologies to transform the future of aging in Bizkaia” with the aim of bringing to the municipalities, companies and citizens cases of good practices around Silver Silver economy or economy in Bizkaia, and more specifically, the success case of the IOANNA Project.

The event had the participation of the Bizkaia Provincial Council, as well as other entities such as the SSI Group, the leading end user organization in Bizkaia and with experience in AAL programs. Likewise, a large group of potential stakeholders within the territory attended it, such as other end user entities, local businesses, municipalities, SMEs, and potential primary users.

During the conference, the IOANNA solution was presented to local municipalities and public entities, with the aim that they function as promoters of the tool, so that it is free for both professionals and older people and their families. “We offer a double benefit to the municipalities that we think are very interesting, improving the provision of services to the elderly and, therefore, their quality of life, and at the same time promoting the work of local businesses within the silver economy sector”, explained Iñaki Bartolomé, CEO of IDEABLE.