ESKILARA participates on behalf of IOANNA Project in the group of experts of the Euskal Hiria 2020 conference, which this year focuses on a common theme in Europe: the aging population.

The Basque Government and UN-Habitat are jointly organizing the Euskal Hiria 2020 Congress, as a conference of Experts to discuss and present ideas, good practices, projects and urban policies aimed at improving the conditions of older people in cities, both globally and in the context of the Basque Country.

IOANNA, as a reference project of the Europe AAL Programme, participates in the conference in order to share experiences and criteria of this common challenge of society. Likewise, the congress addresses 4 specific areas related to the aging of the population: public space, housing, mobility and health and care. The IOANNA project will focus its participation in two areas directly related to the project, public space and mobility.

Regarding public space, issues will be addressed to foster an active life for people and, at the same time, promote their social inclusion and interaction in the face of isolation. The IOANNA platform seeks to bring small businesses closer to the elderly by offering a tool to improve and support the service that these companies offer to the elderly.

Regarding mobility, the congress focuses on the use of public transport by older people since for many of these people public transport is the only means to reach vital services such as health centers, social services, banks or stores; and even for their social life. The IOANNA platform offers a route optimization service to support older adults in their daily journeys.