Materia Group, end-user partner in the IOANNA project and responsible for the evaluation phases organized an event at its premises to demonstrate the IOANNA application to healthcare professionals and collect their feedback.

Four occupational therapists from the European University of Cyprus participated in the presentation and discussion of the project.

Members of project team presented the goals and objectives of the project and its progress so far. Thereafter, a live demonstration of the IOANNA application and its features took place. Occupational therapists had the opportunity to explore the application and provide Materia team with insightful feedback.

The professionals stated that IOANNA application would be very useful for people who live in remote areas and find it is harder to reach services, such as supermarkets and shops. According to their opinion, IOANNA application would be easier to be used by people aged 55 years or more who are familiar with technology and especially, smartphones. However, they agreed that the application would be also valuable for people over 60 years old, provided that they receive a short training session in the beginning or get some assistance by their caregivers. In addition, they mentioned that the use of a bigger interface, i.e., a tablet, would be more appropriate for people who have visual difficulties Finally, they all highlighted the importance of IOANNA project for  older people as it could enhance their confidence and make them feel safer to reach their destinations or increase their current area of mobility.